The Law Library at the University of Michigan Law School

Law Library University of Michigan Law School

The Law Library at the University of Michigan Law School is one of the country’s best. It was named 94th on the list of America’s Favorite Buildings. It is also one of only three law buildings that have made the list. The library is home to several law student-run law journals, including the Moot Court.

Hutchins Hall

Hutchins Hall Law Library was renovated during the expansion of the University of Michigan Law School, and the new addition provides a more vibrant space for the Law School’s faculty and students. The expansion also boosted the local economy. Formerly vacant property became a vibrant community center for students, faculty, and staff.

The Law Library is located on the Sub-1 level, and elevators to the higher floors are located just beyond the Reference Desk. The building’s elevators are turned off ten minutes prior to closing. It is therefore important to exit the building a few minutes early.

Dean Henry M. Bates

Henry M. Bates, who served as Dean of the University of Michigan Law School from 1905 to 1957, was an outstanding law librarian and brought his extensive experience in law libraries to Michigan. He had a strong passion for the law and took a personal interest in its development. In addition to his work on the administrative side of the law school, he also saw to it that the law library was provided with the materials it needed for research.

His contribution to the University of Michigan Law School was significant and lasting. He donated nearly $16 million to the school in his honor and to honor his father. His goal was to make the school a leader in legal study. Despite his wealth, he operated under strict anonymity. He often avoided publicity and once said that he did not want any buildings named after him. Despite this, his gift allowed the university to rename a few buildings after him.

Student-run law journals

Students at the University of Michigan Law School can write for a number of student-run law journals. Each journal publishes eight issues a year and features essays, book reviews, and student-written notes. Although the articles are not always riveting, they expose students to different areas of law. As a result, students who publish in a law journal are often sought after by employers.

Michigan Law’s Lawyers’ Club was established in 1924 and renovated in 2013. It is often cited as one of the school’s strong points, despite its relatively small size. The Lawyers’ Club houses 230 students, mostly recent undergrads. The club is an excellent way to meet students outside your section and network with a community of peers. The cost to join is only $11,660 – $13,260 per academic year.

Foreign law section

The Foreign law section of the Law Library contains a comprehensive collection of materials on foreign and international law. This section includes primary sources and secondary resources on the legal systems of many different countries. The Library also has extensive collections on the history of the United Nations and the League of Nations.

The Law Library is located on the third floor of the Library of Michigan and is open from 10AM to 5PM Monday through Friday. This facility also features the Underground Law Library.

Housing options for LLM students

Students can choose from several housing options at the University of Michigan Law School. Students are encouraged to begin looking for housing in Ann Arbor early in the application process. On-campus housing options include the Lawyers Club, which offers convenience, camaraderie, and safety. After extensive renovations, the Lawyers Club reopened in fall 2013. The residence is an option for students who are interested in living on campus but are not necessarily looking for a traditional dorm environment. The Lawyers Club typically houses about half of the entering class, as well as upper-class students. It also fosters a diverse community outside of the classroom.

Students who choose to live near the University of Michigan Law School can also take advantage of the city’s amenities. The city is home to over 45,000 students and is a highly diverse community. Students can enjoy the arts, shopping, and dining in the nearby downtown area. The city also boasts athletic facilities, theaters, and parks for residents and students.